PRT rePoRTer Newsletter - Fall 2018

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In Our News Today

In our news today: New PRT Nursery Announced for Brighton, MI

PRT is pleased to announce that it will construct a containerized forest seedling nursery in Brighton, MI to serve forestry customers and forest landowners in the Great Lakes States (GLS) Region of the United States.

Investing in the Future

Growing trees is all about investing in the future. Growing seedlings to replace harvested timber, trees lost to insect or fire are the primary objects that drive our business. Our impact on the future goes beyond just replacing trees. PRT believes very strongly in supporting and fostering the respect of this important natural resource, in our future generations.

Did You Know: Forestry History - Skid Roads

In residential North Vancouver, BC, there is a small area dedicated to a mostly forgotten method of transportation. Early logging in North America, especially on the West Coast, posed the challenge of how to get harvested timber from logging sites to sawmills for processing. "Skid roads" were the solution.

Reflecting on the 2017 and 2018 BC Wildfire Seasons – Worst Ever or New Normal?

As many of us living in BC witnessed, the past two wildfire seasons in BC were something to behold. It was believed that 2017 would go on record as the worst wildfire season in the province’s history. While the 2018 wildfire damage in BC is still being assessed, it looks like it will rival 2017 as the worst in recorded history.