Online Sales

A limited number of seedlings are available for purchase through our online seedling sales. To find out which seedlings are available, see the table below.

To request a pricing quote, please select the seedlings you are interested in from the table below, complete the contact form and submit your request. Pricing is subject to species, age, size and location, and will be provided by email quote once your request is received.

For general seedling inquiries, please complete our "Contact Us" form found on our Contacts Page. 

All online seedling sales are subject to the following conditions:

  • Seedlings sales are for reforestation customers only
  • Minimum order applies
  • All purchases are FOB from the cold storage facility 
  • Pick-up to be arranged with the cold storage facility – 2 weeks advance notice is required
  • Availability is subject to change

For additional information, contact our Contract and Sales Administration team.

Order Seedlings

Species Type Size Age Avail. for Plant Avail. Seedlings (000s)  
Product Details  
Lot Number
Elevation (Min/Max) /
Genetic Class
Seed Plan Zone
Lat (Min/Max) /
Long (Min/Max) /
BGC Zone
Order Details    
Average Height (cm)  
Min RCD (mm)  
Storage Location  
Box Type  
No. of Trees per box  
No. of Boxes Avail. 0  

Quote Summary

Product Lot Number Box type Trees per box Qty No of seedlings