Seed Orchards & Services

High quality seed produces high quality seedlings.

Seed Orchards

Seed collected from PRT operated seed orchards is made available to forest industry customers for use in their reforestation programs. Along with seed orchards in Western Canada, PRT has seed orchards in the Southeastern region of the US, dedicated to producing seed for the specialized needs of our customers in many regions.

Better seed for better forests.

PRT offers a wide range of seed services, including cone collection, seed extraction, seed upgrading and storage. 

Cone processing

Our cone facility processes seed for all species of conifers and is equipped with wing removal and seed-cleaning equipment. Prior to extraction, cones are stored in a vented storage shed.

We also test seed from across North America and provide electronically monitored freezer storage to protect your valuable seed.

Seed stratification

We offer seed stratification as well as a complete seed testing service that includes:

  • Assessment of seed weight
  • Seedlot purity
  • Seedlot germination capacity for both stratified and unstratified seed

Seed upgrading

Our seed upgrading services remove extraneous materials and non-viable or empty seed, increasing the total germination capacity of the seedlot and upgrading difficult, low germination seedlots.
For consultation and support, contact your Customer Support Representative.

The PRT Difference

If you need seedlings, PRT will be able to get it for you. They have capacity and availability that allows them to be flexible when working with us.

Nursery Supervisor, Canfor

PRT’s customer service is very good. When I go to a nursery inspection they will show me anything I want to see...Their sales representatives are hands-on when issues arise.

Silviculturist, PotlatchDeltic

PRT’s reps are so knowledgeable. They help us bounce around ideas for our own nursery, it’s really helpful. Any time I have a question, I can call them and they’ll answer it. They’re very accommodating and will find you what you need.

Nursery Supervisor, Canfor

They do a great job with communication, and are very transparent. Working with PRT is always simple, and I appreciate that.

Superintendent, West Fraser

Out of 10, I would score PRT a 10 in satisfaction. They really listen to their clients. Nothing is too tedious for them to deal with, and they are really focused on ensuring quality with their customers.

Former Manager, Interfor

If you have quality issues or concerns, they are fast to deal with it. The seedling quality is second to none. They have always been accessible and their customer service representatives are extremely knowledgeable.

Nursery Supervisor, Canfor

I know the nursery managers and the customer service reps personally. They flag issues early and communicate with us. Successful vendors will always have good customer service…

Nursery Supervisor, Canfor

PRT does such a good job moving our order across different sites to make use of their capacity. It also minimizes our risk of when we spread our request across multiple nurseries…

District Forester, Roseburg

One of PRT’s biggest strengths is its ability to handle volume. They can shuffle demand across sites for customers. Their scale really kicks in here to help them fill the larger orders...

Superintendent, West Fraser

PRT grows solid trees, but in this business many things can go wrong, and PRT’s ability to handle those issues and clearly communicate them when they arise is really what makes them stand out.

Former Manager, Interfor

I like that PRT gives me a single sales representative that is my go-to person when I have an issue. The sales representatives are hands-on when issues arise.

Silviculturist, PotlatchDeltic