Collin Phillip

In his current role as Chief Commercial Officer for PRT, he brings deep industry insight and experience related to scaling businesses for continuous, profitable growth. PRT is already a critical link in the forest sustainability supply chain and the trusted leader for organizations across the forestry industry in Canada and the U.S., but we are also uniquely positioned for future growth by leveraging the breadth and depth of PRT’s commercial solutions and helping companies navigate the ever-changing opportunities and challenges related to their ESG goals. Collin is committed to the company’s mission of growing seedlings that will sustain forests and the world for generations to come.

PRT is a forest seedling propagator and the largest producer of container-grown forest seedlings in North America with more than five billion seedlings planted. In his role as Chief Commercial Officer, he leads the global organization’s sales and marketing functions, in addition to partnering with the CEO and executive team to develop and execute a strategic plan to rapidly grow the business.

How we can help

Our vast nursery network provides diversity to enable us to grow a wide variety of high-quality container-grown seedlings for numerous climatic and site conditions.
Nurseries located near our customers to provide the best growing conditions and reduce shipping costs.
Our services also include cooperative trials, field visits, physiological assessments, customer seminars and literature reviews.