Dan Livingston

Customer Support Representative

Dan Livingston is a valuable and long-standing team member of PRT Growing Services. In 2003, Dan became the Nursery Manager at PRT Harrop, BC and when the PRT Marketing Division was created in 2004, he became a Customer Support Representative (CSR). Dan supports and has expanded our customer base in the Pacific Northwest, and Kootenay region of BC during this time. He currently serves the Southern Region of BC, where he divides his time between PRT Harrop Nursery and visiting our customers and nurseries across southern BC. With more than 30 years of private sector forestry expertise, Dan has proven to be a go-to person for internal and external support. When not among the trees, you can find Dan with his family, taking on the never-ending to-do list of renovations or attempting to rock out to his favorite jams on the guitar.

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Dan Livingston - PRT Customer Support Representative

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Our vast nursery network provides diversity to enable us to grow a wide variety of high-quality container-grown seedlings for numerous climatic and site conditions.
Nurseries located near our customers to provide the best growing conditions and reduce shipping costs.
Our services also include cooperative trials, field visits, physiological assessments, customer seminars and literature reviews.