Flynn Miller

Customer Support Representative

Southeastern US
(706) 714-4108

Located in Athens, GA, Flynn joined PRT in August 2013, with the task of expanding PRT’s reach in the Southeast US seedling market.  Since then, Flynn has grown PRT’s market share exponentially year after year and continues to develop the PRT way across the US market.

Flynn holds a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources from the University of Georgia and came to PRT with experience managing forest lands for private landowners, including harvesting, silviculture and timber sales for clients throughout the SE US. As a CSR with PRT, Flynn spends time travelling across the Southeast US, interacting with people and customers and spending time up North with his Canadian team. Outside of PRT business development and seed acquisition, Flynn enjoys all things sports, whether watching or playing and spending time with his family.

Online Seedling Sales
Flynn Miller - PRT Customer Support Representative

How we can help

Our vast nursery network provides diversity to enable us to grow a wide variety of high-quality container-grown seedlings for numerous climatic and site conditions.
Nurseries located near our customers to provide the best growing conditions and reduce shipping costs.
Our services also include cooperative trials, field visits, physiological assessments, customer seminars and literature reviews.