Marlene Higgins

In December 2022, Marlene accepted the role of Chief People Officer with PRT, joining the team on a mission to grow seedlings that will sustain forests and the world for generations to come.

In addition to helping PRT grow among its traditional market segments, part of Marlene’s role is aimed at elevating our organization’s sustainability solutions. Her goal is to bring in diverse and emerging talent interested in climate science, biology and ESG initiatives. Given her extensive experience in establishing workplace cultures that lead to commitment, community, and rapid growth, she is well-positioned to help advance PRT’s critical work, collaborating with landowners and organizations to help them achieve their goals.  

How we can help

Our vast nursery network provides diversity to enable us to grow a wide variety of high-quality container-grown seedlings for numerous climatic and site conditions.
Nurseries located near our customers to provide the best growing conditions and reduce shipping costs.
Our services also include cooperative trials, field visits, physiological assessments, customer seminars and literature reviews.